Nov 24, 2014
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Posts tagged: Brooklyn West Indian Day parade

Toppa Top 10: The Best Caribbean Carnivals

Words by Steve Bennett, Erin MacLeod, Jesse Serwer and Jillioniare—

Trinidad Carnival

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Impressions: Ramajay Mas Band at Mas Camp and Carnival

Photos by Reid Van Renesse—


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Mixtape Mondays: LargeUp x D-Life, Safari Sound, Tommy Lee x DJ Gaza Priince

Words by DJ Theory —

With Notting Hill Carnival behind us and Labor Day Weekend celebrations climaxing with the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn today, it’s a pretty decent time of year for Caribbean music. On that note we’re toting some big bumbaclaat mixes for you this week, including an exclusive soca blast from our man D-Life, plus crucial one drop from Sweden and a mix from out of Brooklyn showcasing the hottest new artist out of JA right now, Tommy Lee. Madd again.

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Audio: Deejay Theory x Kes The Band’s “Wotless”

Words by LargeUp Crew —

Our own refix-machine and Mixtape Mondays columnist Deejay Theory is back with another edit geared for Carnival season 2012, putting his signature stamp on Kes The Band‘s “Wotless”.  Shared with a small pool of DJ’s as ammo for Notting Hill last week, the tune is now available for all to share and enjoy, ideally at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn on monday.  If the New York or London fetes were nowhere near your coordinates this year, this uptempo version of one of the biggest soca forwards of 2011 will have you whining, waving and raving like you were front and center covered in sweat, paint and rum.  And you wouldn’t care either, cause right now we just wotless…  Stream and download below

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Video: Maffew Ragazino feat. The Mad Stuntman x Rockie Evans, “City of God”

Words by Nico Simino

Brownsville MC Maffew Ragazino today debuted a new video for “City of God,” a track from his new Rhyme Pays LP which features the Mad Stuntman and Rockie Evans over a re-lick of the classic Steely & Clevie dancehall riddim, Rumours. The vid is a big up to the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn which seems to get bad press every year for related violence. As the video acknowledges, this year was no different but Ragazino also shows us the sights and people of the parade, who all look to be trying to have a good time even among the heavy police presence. (As you may have heard, this year even the police were having a ball.)  While the song touches upon violence and inner-city life, the video features shots of Brownsville, Ragazino’s peeps, and the Parade as well as J’Ouvert, as it passes through his Brooklyn hood. Everyone seems to be having fun, even while police march on horseback.

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Countdown to Labor Day: Q+A with NYC Soca Promoter Natalie

Words by Rishi Bonneville

The annual West Indian-American Day Parade down Brooklyn’s Eastern Parkway is the central event of Caribbean life in New York City. For Caribbeans in NYC and the many visitors who pour in from across the Diaspora, Labor Day Weekend isn’t just about the parade: it’s also several days worth of pre-carnival fetes and concerts. As we head into carnival this week, LargeUp will be profiling and chatting with some of the personalities who organize the madness that is Labor Day Weekend–as well as Caribbean events in NYC throughout the year. To kick things off, Rishi Bonneville caught up with Trinidad-born promoter Natalie.

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