Nov 21, 2014
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Posts tagged: Brazil

Audio Premiere: Zuzuka Poderosa – Carioca Bass [Mixtape]

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, Photo by Sam Dwyer for Cluster Mag
NYC baile funk queen Zuzuka Poderosa performing tracks from her Carioca Bass mixtape

If you a) are a DJ, b) F with Brazilian music c) live in New York or d) just like to be up on the latest global sounds you probably already know who Zuzuka Poderosa is. As “warrior queen of her own brand of baile funk” this one-woman army has carved a Zuzu-shaped niche for herself in the tropical music scene by mixing the bass aesthetics and favela rap of a hardcore Brazilian funkball with sounds from Bollywood, Jamaica, Panama, Africa and more–a fitting soundtrack for a child of Rio who grew up in the West Indies and has lived in Brooklyn as long as Brazil. By the same token she is also sort of a poster-queen for the range of sounds we ride for here in the network of affiliated sites–in this case, Okayplayer, Okayafrica and LargeUp–that we loosely call OkayEmpire.

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Mixtape Mondays: Tons Of Nada, Safari Sound, DJ Robbie x Bob Marley

Words by DJ Theory—

I’m gonna leave the Super Bowl business alone today (not just because I’m from New England…) because we have much more relevant matters at hand over here—mainly Mixtape Mondays and a birthday celebration for someone you and I both know and love. So let’s forget about LMFAO’s guest appearance at halftime last night and move right into some quality mixes from Brazil, Sweden and even Oklahoma. See, I’m starting to forget about the game already…

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City of Jah: Sizzla x Bambas Dois “Only Jah Love (Raggatu)”

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton

Sometime last year, Sizzla Kalonji linked up with Brazilians Eduardo “Bid” Bidlovski and Gustah Sola while they were in Jamaica voicing riddims from Northeast Brazil for their Bamba Dois music project. The result was “Only Jah Love (Raggatu)”–one of the strongest Sizzla excursions in recent memory and something unique in the current spectrum of reggae. If there’s been a conspicuous absence in the auto-tuned world of nowadays one drop, it is the rejection of parallel sounds from the African diaspora in favor of a one-way transmission of influence from American pop, lacking even the occasional licks of Bollywood and Latin American rhythm that animated dancehall into the early 2000s. Part of the problem maybe that one drop has itself been so influential in the Third World that it often remains weirdly segregated from the local musics it plays alongside in Latin America and Africa. Or as Bidlovski put it to the Jamaica Gleaner: “This is the first time anyone came to Jamaica from Brazil with a riddim.”

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Astro-Guyanese: Eddie Hooper’s Caribbean Space Disco

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Ghetto Bassquake

Arctic Ocean Midnight Sun

The tropical scientists over at Ghetto Bassquake just put us up on this brilliant reissue from Guyanese soca and soul giant Eddie Hooper, getting spacey on the Caribbean disco masterpiece “Pass it On.” It’s being reissued by the redoubtable Soundway records (who have gotten fame lately for their Nigeria Special highlife comps) and like your geography teacher could have probably told you, it sounds about halfway between Trinidad and Brazil–specifically the foundational soca of Lord Shorty and the alien-friendly 70s Brazilian soul that Tim Maia put down on his legendary LP Racional. Remember, you heard it here first. Unless you heard it at Ghetto Bassquake first, in which case, LARGE UP to them!

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Surra de Bunda: Brazil Daggers Backward?

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Always our dude for spotting Latin-culture trends as they wing their way northward via the ultimate trans-shipment point of Miami, Walshy Fire was the first to put us up on the Brazilian craze called Surra de Bunda–a phenomenon which can only be described as the baile funk reverse-dagger assface dance. As soon as we saw the video (must-see TV, watch after the jump!) we knew we had to get the reaction of world-famous safe daggering expert Skerrit Bwoy.

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