Nov 28, 2014
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Posts tagged: Boukman Eksperyans

Post-Game: The Sights & Sounds of Haiti Kanaval

Words by Erin MacLeod and Etienne Côté-Paluck


It’s Mardi Gras, but Haiti’s been partying for quite sometime. From mid-January, every Sunday there have been pre-Carnival—or Kanaval—parades. Marching bands take to the streets and folks don costumes in a series of what could be called dress rehearsals for the big show this week. Kanaval in Haiti was apparently smaller than it has been in past years, but its very staging is what’ss significant. In the aftermath of earthquake-caused devastation, it didn’t even occur in 2010 and the Champ de Mars, a traditional destination for carnival parades in Port au Prince, is currently jammed with tents.

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Under The Rubble: Haitian Music in 2010

Words by Erin MacLeod and Etienne Côté-Paluck, photo by Jeff Antebi.


Without a doubt, the event that drew the world’s attention to the Caribbean in 2010 was not anything that happened in the world of music but the overwhelmingly destructive earthquake in Haiti. The quake forever altered the landscape of Haiti, and the music scene was no exception. Jeremy Robins–producer alongside Magali Damas of The Other Side of the Water, a documentary about Haitian rara music and the band Djarara, described the impact of the disaster this way:

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