Jul 25, 2014
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Posts tagged: Bajans

Ground Provisions: Oistins, The Fish Capital of Barbados

Words and Photos by Ola Mazzuca—


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ALBUM STREAM: Salaam Remi’s “One: In The Chamber”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

When it comes to contemporary music makers, there’s few people we rate higher than Salaam Remi. Last summer we spent time at the low-key superproducer’s Miami compound, where he spoke on his career highs and outlook on music, and gave us the play-by-play on 10 of his most classic productions, from Super Cat’s “Ghetto Red Hot (Remix)” to Nas’ “The Don.”

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Fashion Fridays: Rihanna Lets Her Caribbean Colors Fly at Crop Over

Words by Mikaila Brown—


This week Rihanna made headlines while attending Crop Over, Barbados’s annual carnival festivities. At first the media attributed her silver, glitter leotard and on-all-fours wuk up activities to typical, wanton Rihanna shenanigans. However, quickly, reporters realized that Bad Girl Riri’s sequined bikinis and feather headrests were really a typical part of the Bajan festival.

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Throwback Thursdays: Square One’s “Top Class Bubbler”

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Crop Over is just about to kick into full swing, so it only makes sense to take our weekly journey into Caribbean music (video) history down to Barbados.

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Combination Style: Beer Meets Rum in Barbados

Words by Jesse Serwer—

10 Saints beer

People have been drinking their beer and whiskey together for years. If you spend time in pubs, surely you’ve tried or at least heard of an Irish car bomb. These days, there’s even a whole cottage industry of whiskey/beer crossover drinks. So why not a Caribbean concoction that combines beer with the flavor of the region’s own liquor specialty, rum?

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LargeUp Premiere: Jr. Blender Remixes Rihanna’s “Diamonds”

Words by DJ Theory—

Hamburg, Germany producer Jr. Blender (of So Shifty and Supersonic Sound fame) strikes again, this time putting in work on two Rihanna tunes. Honestly this dude could remix every one of Rihanna’s tunes for the span of her career and I wouldn’t be the least bit mad… He was kind enough to drop these new versions off for us to share with you—one a sparkling reggae verion of her current anthem “Diamonds“, the other a one drop drum edit for the DJs of the already reggae-inspired “No Love Allowed.” Rihanna’s voice and Bajan background naturally lean towards reggae, and it seems to work particularly well in the capable hands of Jr. Blender (let’s not forget his flawless rendition of “Where Have You Been“). DJs and Rihanna fans need to get with both of these pronto. Stream and download below—for more downloads, pass thru Blenders personal stash here.

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