Oct 24, 2014
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Posts tagged: A-Trak

Gold Punany: A-Trak + Natalie Storm Connect on “Like the Dancefloor”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Natalie Storm/Punany Monologues. Photo: Martei Korley/LargeUp

It seems that A-Trak, Fool’s Gold Records and Pitchfork Media have caught on to what we’ve known for oh, about five years now… that Natalie Storm is the shit. The indie rock website today premiered the video for “Like the Dancefloor,” a reworking of A-Trak and DJ Zinc’s “Stingray” featuring vocals from the author of our very own sex column, Punany Monologues. We’ve long wondered why the electrofied garrison dancehall innovator doesn’t get more love from the wider music world, so this development is definitely a good look.

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Whiskey Pon The Rocks: Bushmills x Theophilus London

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford


Recently, as I passed briskly (Johnny Walker style) through the heavy rush-hour bustle of the Atlantic Avenue station in downtown Brooklyn, I found myself giving a quick LargeUp nod to Trini bwoy Theophilus London–who was staring back at me from an ad for Bushmills. Atlantic station, for those unfamiliar, is one of the most high-traffic transportation hubs in NYC and has recently received an extensive face-lift including new digital signage, better lighting, a fresh coat of paint and of course the mind-altering message boards we call ads, posted to speak to those of us on the platforms as we wait impatiently for the 2 to Flatbush or the 4 to Utica. It’s also a space where, despite gentrification, you can still people-watch and appreciate the vibrant fabric of West Indian culture weaving to and from the outer-borough settlements of Flatbush and Crown Heights.

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