Aug 27, 2014
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Island Life: Saving the Mountain Chicken

Words by Michellee Nelson~

Welcome to our new series Island Life spotlighting nature, wildlife and science in the Caribbean. First on our agenda is a beloved figure in the Eastern Caribbean, which now finds itself in a struggle for survival: the mountain chicken.

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Trini Christmas, 101: How to Make Pastelles, Black Cake + Chow Chow

Words and Photos by Tishanna Williams— trinidad-pastelles

Trini culture expert Tishanna Williams brings us the second in our series spotlighting unique cultural traditions surrounding the Christmas season in Trinidad & Tobago. Read the first installment, “How to Make Punch De Creme,” here, and the second, “Parang Season:When Trinidad Goes Spanish,” here.

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Toppa Top 10: LargeUp’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Words by LargeUp Crew—

61198065_BEATBOX---Hot-pink-bikini-with-silver-beads-front 61198065_BEATBOX---Hot-pink-bikini-with-silver-beads-back

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Plant Sup’n: Help Jamaica Grow More Onions

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Ahh, Jamaica… where mangoes and bananas are plentiful, and ackee breakfast is plucked right off the tree. All of the fruits and vegetables there must be fresh, right? Well, you might be surprised to learn how much of the produce sold and consumed in JA is actually inorganic genetically modified organisms imported from overseas. As elsewhere, the importing of GMOs has also had a destructive effect on local agriculture, putting many Jamaican farmers out of work. The costs of these imports, meanwhile, have essentially doubled in the last decade.

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Caribbean Cookbook: Divali in Trinidad

Words by Tishanna Williams—

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Ground Provisions: Dominica’s Cater Truck Mobile Restaurant

Words and Photos by Martei Korley—

Thank you is what comes to mind when thinking of the way Levia and Aldon of Cater Truck Mobile Restaurant literally took care of yours truly during my stay in Dominica. As LargeUp undertook the task of covering the entire island of Dominica AND the festivals happening on the island in just one week last October, serious nourishment was required. And the steamfish from this food truck was just what the doctor ordered: Fresher than fresh and drizzled with mouthwatering creole sauce.

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