Apr 19, 2014
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Combination Style: Beer Meets Rum in Barbados

Words by Jesse Serwer—

10 Saints beer

People have been drinking their beer and whiskey together for years. If you spend time in pubs, surely you’ve tried or at least heard of an Irish car bomb. These days, there’s even a whole cottage industry of whiskey/beer crossover drinks. So why not a Caribbean concoction that combines beer with the flavor of the region’s own liquor specialty, rum?

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Haitian Christmas, 101: How To Make Cremas

Words by Alexandra C. Wood—

How to Make Kremas

This time last year, we had New Yorker of Haitian descent/French Culinary Institute graduate Alexandra C. Wood school us on soupe joumou, the squash-based soup traditionally consumed to celebrate Haitian Independence on New Year’s Day. This holiday season, Alex shows us how to make proper cremas, Haiti’s own spin on the Caribbean-wide phenomenon of rum cream. While cremas is consumed year round, it tends to taste extra sweet around this time of year. Enjoy…

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Creme de la Creme: NYC’s Coquito Masters Competition

Words by Jesse Serwer—


Here at LargeUp, we love ourselves some coquito. We’ve ranked it near the top of our Toppa Top 10 Caribbean rum creams, against some pretty stiff competition. We’ve got our own recipe, tried and tested at our first annual LargeUp Coquito Party last year.

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Toppa Top 10: The Caribbean’s Best Rum Creams

Words by Steve Bennett—

Top Caribbean Rum Creams

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Ron-NYC: Tirado Rum Brings Puerto Rican Moonshine to NY

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Tirado Distillery

New York City has become home to a thriving spirits business in recent years but this renaissance for the most part has not included rum. Recently, however, a local doctor of Puerto Rican heritage, Renee Hernandez, opened the first distillery in the Bronx since prohibition. And, though Hernandez’s company, Tirado, also makes three types of whiskeys and a maple liqueur, it specializes in pitorro, or canita—fruit-infused, Puerto Rican moonshine rum. The story of Tirado, which launched in 2011, is told in an article in Thursday’s New York Times, which you can read here.

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Ground Provisions: You Read it Here First!

Words by Erin MacLeod—

Today in the New York Times you may have read a review of Fisherman’s Dawta, a one-year-old restaurant owned and operated by Jennifer Ewers and daughter Kamilah Warmington. You may have thought, “hmm, where have I read about this delicious food before?” Answer: right here on LargeUp as part of our “Ground Provisions” series. Check out our review here, and then take a trip over the the NYT for another. If you happen to be nearby 407 Atlantic Ave (Between Bond & Nevins) in Brooklyn, NY, stop by. Or check out what tasty treats are on the menu by calling (718) 855-7555.

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