Oct 02, 2014
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Wine Class: Blacka Di Danca + Friends’ Triple Threat Dancehall Workshop

Words by LargeUp Crew—


Blacka Di Danca has been all over the world in the last few months, most recently on a tour through Europe which included a spell on the road with Major Lazer. Now, LargeUp’s global dancehall ambassador is back home in NYC, where he’s reconvening with Jessica Phoenix and Yaminah Legohn—the trio of dancers recently came together to choreograph Fiyah! Dancehall Theater — for a dance workshop at Brooklyn’s Cumbe Center for African and Diaspora Dance.

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Now Things: Get to Know the Dominican Republic’s Amara La Negra

Words by Michellee Nelson—

My knowledge of the latest in merengue, bachata, and other forms of popular Dominican music and dance is directly linked to the influence of my Dominican best friend. As a result, any other Jamaican that says they put in more work than I do when a Prince Royce song comes on at a party is a boldfaced liar. When I got put on to my latest obsession in the form of Amara La Negra, it was only right that I return the favor and put y’all on too.

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Toppa Top 10: LargeUp’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Words by LargeUp Crew—

61198065_BEATBOX---Hot-pink-bikini-with-silver-beads-front 61198065_BEATBOX---Hot-pink-bikini-with-silver-beads-back

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Visual Culture: Latonya Style + Robin Clare’s “Stylish Moves” Dance Zine

Words by Natalie Weiner—Stylish-Moves-Latonya-Style
If you’ve never lived in the Caribbean, it can be difficult to fully grasp certain parts of the culture. There’s a lot of potential for embarrassment when your favorite dancehall song comes on and you want to be out there on the floor with the best of them… but your moves are not quite Kingston-ready. Or even outside-your-living-room-ready.

That’s where dancer Latonya Style and Australia-based Jamaican artist (and LargeUp favorite) Robin Clare come in. They’ve created a zine entitled Stylish Moves that includes step-by-step illustrations for 13 popular dancehall steps (in the style of Clare’s Dancing Words prints), as well as dictionaries of Jamaican slang, photos, and advice for aspiring dancers. Just as useful for experienced dancers as the choreographically challenged, it also includes some advanced techniques, too (like the Flash It & Dash It).

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Blacka’s World: Pon De Tour with Major Lazer

Words by Blacka di Danca, Photos by Addy Alexander—


The most unexpected things always seem to turn out to be the best things. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to experience a most unexpected, yet seemingly predestined, experience.

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Teach the World: Blacka Di Danca’s Dancehall Tour 2013, Pt. III

Words by LargeUp Crew—

Blacka-Di-Danca-Teach-The-World Tour 2013

Right now the cold weather has your typical New Yorker plotting their escape to the beach. Brooklyn and LargeUp’s own international ambassador Blacka Di Danca, however, is headed in a different direction on his winter vacation. Blacka, who’s brought his dancehall workshops to Siberia and Mexico in the past month alone, is headed east for his third European trek this year.

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