Nov 26, 2014
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Natalie Storm

The Punany Monologues: Natalie Storm On Dirty Talk

Words by Natalie Storm—


Who’s your daddy?

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The Punany Monologues: Natalie Storm Reclaims Her Virginity

Words by Natalie Storm, Photos by Martei Korley—

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from our resident pumpum-ologist Natalie Storm but trust us, it was worth the wait. Natalie’s latest Punany Monologue tackles a topic we’re sure many of our female readers can relate to: the disappointment and discomfort that often goes along with the loss of one’s virginity. Natalie has a solution for ladies looking to reclaim that lost flower: send your vagina on leave. Read on to see exactly what Natalie means and catch up on all of her punanilogues here.

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Natalie Storm’s Punanilogues: The Real Gift That Keeps On Giving

Words by Natalie Storm, Photos by Martei Korley

Today my vagina wants to take a trip down memory lane and talk about the bittersweet taste of Bun!

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The Punany Monologues Part 5: Natalie Storm Talks About Sex

Words by Natalie Storm, photos by Martei Korley.

Many of you may be offended by this post so this is a disclaimer: the views expressed on this blog are not necessarily the views of the author. I’m speaking nothing but the truth according to my VAGINA (and you know she forced me to write this out of fear. It’s called fluffnaniphobia–the fear of other women with really fat pum-pum). When I was growing up I was extremely thin and my neighbors (hated their guts), even friends and family (really just a bunch of mean people I have to love…haha), used to style me as koo-koom-koom—meaning they heard my bones rubbing together at the joints when I walked. I used to hate it. I wanted nothing more than to be round and fluffy and I even used to pray that God would send me a fairy godmother to turn me into a meatier version of myself, or to at least bring some lubricant for my joints. I’m glad that God saw fit not to answer my prayers because I’d probably be calling myself Natalie “Fluffy to di world, anuh my fault, goodas gal” Storm right now and seeing how I’m already calling myself Natalie “anuh my fault, goodas gal to di world” Storm, I think the fluffy would make it a tad bit too much.

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The Punany Monologues Part 4: Natalie Storm Talks Dutty

Words by Natalie Storm

It has been a minute and a half since we posted we published our last outburst from dancehall queen Natalie Storm. And since the monthly Dutty-Fridays format was disrupted anyway, we decided to just go ahead and post Part 4 today. Why you think they call Wednesday “Hump Day,” son???  Here it is in all it’s filthy glory, easily the duttiest Punanilogue (<–these things get shared and tweeted around so much that people have developed their own shorthand for it) yet! Without giving away what it’s about,  we’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of, um, inserting General Echo’s “Bathroom Sex” and “Back Door Delivery” from Nats’ fellow Badda Badda Gal Timberlee to enhance your listening pleasure. Or displeasure. It’s your preference, really. (And if you’re under 18, you’re going to want to stop reading at the jump).

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Punany Monologues Pt. 3: Natalie Storm Talks About Sex


One Friday every month, our garrison celebrity sex-blogger Natalie Storm listens to her vagina, and reports back to us with some news from the world of PumPum. It’s been a while since Natalie last checked in, but it was worth the wait—this might be her best work yet (Or, if you’re a dude who isn’t getting the job done in the bedroom, the worst). Tell em, Nat…

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