Sep 03, 2014
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The Punany Monologues Part 4: Natalie Storm Talks Dutty

Words by Natalie Storm

It has been a minute and a half since we posted we published our last outburst from dancehall queen Natalie Storm. And since the monthly Dutty-Fridays format was disrupted anyway, we decided to just go ahead and post Part 4 today. Why you think they call Wednesday “Hump Day,” son???  Here it is in all it’s filthy glory, easily the duttiest Punanilogue (<–these things get shared and tweeted around so much that people have developed their own shorthand for it) yet! Without giving away what it’s about,  we’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of, um, inserting General Echo’s “Bathroom Sex” and “Back Door Delivery” from Nats’ fellow Badda Badda Gal Timberlee to enhance your listening pleasure. Or displeasure. It’s your preference, really. (And if you’re under 18, you’re going to want to stop reading at the jump).

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Bus Can Dance: BlackGold Crew Demonstrate the “Nobody Canna Cross It”

Words by DJ Gravy, Photo by Georgia Blake

If you go to dancehall parties in New York City, you’ve surely noticed this dance crew called BlackGold. They’re seriously out repping their squad like nobody’s business. The trio consists of Hanna Herbertson, a Swedish choreographer of Korean descent, and Korie Genius and Kendell Hinds (AKA H1st0ry). Always up to di time with their seemingly effortless movements and lighthearted vibe, the crew has sprung into action with a new dance inspired by Jamaica’s first major viral Youtube remix. The “Nobody Canna Cross It” video has become an instant classic in the nine days since it first showed up online, and the dance stands to add to the legend,  thoroughly illustrating concerned resident Clifton Brown’s twang-heavy story about how floods swept away a bridge crossing the Yallahs River in St. Thomas, Jamaica.

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Video: Clifton Brown, “Nobody Canna Cross It (Di Bus Can Swim)”

Words by Matei Korley and Jesse Serwer

Bus Swim

Clifton Brown has the most talked about tune in Jamaica right now but we doubt his name rings too many bells.  You see, Brown isn’t actually an artist but a rural worker tapped by a TV reporter to explain the situation after floods swept away a bridge crossing the Yallahs River in St. Thomas. Brown’s speaky-spokey twang caught the attention of Kevin-Sean Hamilton, A/K/A DJ Powa, a college student who is quickly becoming Jamaica’s answer to the Gregory Brothers, the pranksters behind Antoine Dobson’s “Bed Intruder.” (Watch “Patty Shop,” his “refix” of a recent TV interview with former Vybz Kartel business partner Corey Todd.)

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Burning & Looting: Top 10 Actual Pirates Of The Caribbean

Words by Jason “J-Rockaz” Orford and Eddie STATS Houghton


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Visual Culture: Jamaica Reggae Film Festival

Words by Jesse Serwer

It’s been a big year for the intersection of Caribbean music and movies, from the smart reggae-and-calypso soundtrack in British director Stevan Riley’s outstanding West Indies cricket documentary Fire in Babylon (not to mention its well-drawn connection between the West Indies cricket team’s ascension and the rise of reggae music) to the recent news that Justine Henzell, daughter of the late The Harder They Come director Perry Henzell, will oversee a remake of Jamaica’s most seminal film. Adding to the momentum, this week the Jamaica Film Academy announced the slate for its fourth Jamaica Reggae Film Festival May 23-27.

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Up in The Sky: Ziggy Marley Unveils ‘Marijuanaman’ Comic

Words by Eddie Stats


Everybody celebrates 4/20 in their own way. You might catch a Collie Buddz show or download a paranoid rap EP and listen to it a hotel room with the shades drawn. Ziggy Marley decided to celebrate it by launching a comic book. The eponymous hero of this new creation is Marijuanaman as you may have suspected, he crashed to earth in his bong-shaped spaceship while on a mission to save his THC-starved home planet. Marijuanaman is the result of a three-way collabo between Ziggy, writer Joe Casey and illustrator Jim Mahfood, who apparently linked up with the Marley scion through artist Overton Lloyd of P-Funk fame. The comic went up on Amazon today and unlike actual Brooklyn botanicals you can watch the YouTube promo below and get a preview of what you’re getting into before you buy:


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