Oct 20, 2014
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LA’s Story: LA Lewis + Sani Showbizz Conquer the Conceptual Art World

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Jamaican deejay enigma LA Lewis recently re-emerged with a new website, a new sidekick manager in Prince Zimboo alter ego ’80s-style skat chatter/former Rolling Stones tourmate Sani Showbizz, and a new focus. He’s embracing the role of conceptual artist, becoming “Jamaica’s Damien Hirst,” we learn over a new video series documenting his evolution. “I been doing some research over the past few couple months,” he tells us while chiseling a sink fixture in one such clip, “and everything that LA Lewis have done, or touched, or have been said…is art!”

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Puppet Mas: Q+A with “Santana” Creator Roger Alexis

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Probably the biggest viral video sensation to come out of the Caribbean to date, Roger Alexis’ “Santana” shorts are bawdy, mini-stage plays brought to life by Trini-accented Crank Yankers. Puppets having sex can be funny enough but it’s the soap opera-like melodrama and character development, and the distinctly Trini accents and situations, that has audiences across the Caribbean and the diaspora hooked into the adventures of the womanizing Santana, his girlfriend Janice and his impotent neighbor Narine. Less than two years after Santana’s first shorts went viral, the dreadlocked, Michael Jackson jacket-sporting puppet is now the star of his own movie, I’m Santana!, out in Trinidad theaters today. On the eve of the movie’s release, we called up Roger for a chat about the movie, the series’ habit of tackling taboo topics, and the real inspiration for Santana. Read on, and catch up on all of the Santana shorts at Roger’s YouTube page or the Lexo TV site.

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Give Thanks: Toppa Top 10 Reggae Thanksgiving Songs

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, Martei Korley, Sherman Escoffery and Jesse Serwer.

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Toppa Top 10: The Best Fake Reggae Songs

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton and Jesse Serwer

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Cross De Stage: Cliff-Twang Live at Reggae Sumfest

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, via Seen

A few of our colleagues have been posting on the runnings at Reggae Sumfest. Briefly: Future Fambo killed it, Nicki Minaj got fined for using cuss words, Konshens wore a Free Buju tee and Mavado threw his shirt into the crowd, then Vybz Kartel shut the dancehall night down. But the only clip you really need to see is this one, of once and future dancehall king Beenie Man bringing out the dude who may just command the biggest forward in Jamaica right now: Clifton “Cliff-Twang” Brown (and in case you don’t know what everybody’s going crazy about watch here and here.) You will dead up.


The Punany Monologues Part 4: Natalie Storm Talks Dutty

Words by Natalie Storm

It has been a minute and a half since we posted we published our last outburst from dancehall queen Natalie Storm. And since the monthly Dutty-Fridays format was disrupted anyway, we decided to just go ahead and post Part 4 today. Why you think they call Wednesday “Hump Day,” son???  Here it is in all it’s filthy glory, easily the duttiest Punanilogue (<–these things get shared and tweeted around so much that people have developed their own shorthand for it) yet! Without giving away what it’s about,  we’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of, um, inserting General Echo’s “Bathroom Sex” and “Back Door Delivery” from Nats’ fellow Badda Badda Gal Timberlee to enhance your listening pleasure. Or displeasure. It’s your preference, really. (And if you’re under 18, you’re going to want to stop reading at the jump).

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