LargeUp Premiere: Watch Jesse Royal + Jo Mersa Marley’s “Generation” Music Video

Words by Sajae Elder
Graphic by Peter Fowler

Reggae artist Jesse Royal has never shied away from strong political messaging in his music or visuals, and especially in today’s world, his work continues to live be an important force in reggae. His latest release “Generation” is no different; taking a raw but important look at the issue of domestic violence and victims it leaves in its wake. For this track, Jesse aka “The Small Axe” enlists his childhood friend, Jo Mersa Marley, to tackle the topic with him on this powerful combination song.

“This video is tackling it from a different perspective, one that is rarely seen or even acknowledged but plays such a major role in the lives of a lot of children from the inner cities and elsewhere. We went for different concept in this video simply because we feel like it’s important to stick a message wherever you can or whatever platform you have.”

Watch “Generation” below.

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