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2. Damian Marley feat. Stephen Marley, “Medication”

Photo by Martei Korley

For decades, reggae artists have expressed their love of marijuana in their music. “Medication,” one of three collaborations between Damian Marley and his older brother, Stephen Marley, on Jr. Gong’s latest, Stony Hill, goes a step further, emphasizing the medical uses of the plant. As Damian puts it, “Your leaves of green, your purples and blue, has cured little kids, and old women, too”. These wide-ranging benefits are also documented in a series of short videos featuring medical marijuana patients which can be viewed online, along with the single’s official video, filmed in a former prison turned cannabis grow space in California co-owned by Damian. “Medication” is not only a great from a musical perspective, it highlights irrational treatment of a plant which has the potential to benefit so many people in a profound way. — Gibbo

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