Toppa Top ’16: The Best Dancehall Singles of 2016

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3. Konshens, β€œBruk Off”


From the second I heard the piano on the riddim (Birchill Records’ Moskato riddim), I knew Konshens’ β€œBruk Off” β€” also known as β€œBruk Off Yuh Back” and, in its raw form, β€œBruk Off Mi Cock” β€” was going to be one of this year’s certified scorchers. Here in Sweden, it has been tearing down dances from north to south, becoming the most popular dancehall song on my weekly radio show on Swedish National Radio. We aren’t really forced to play edited versions of songs on the radio and in the parties here in super-liberal Sweden, so I’ve never played the clean version, but it’s great that one is available, since this one is big with the youth. β€”DJ Shirkhan

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