Throwback Thursdays: Ten Classic Bob Marley Performances You Can Watch Online

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10. Bob Marley On The BBC – 1973, 1977, 1978


While Bob Marley’s fame in the U.S. grew mostly through word of mouth and college radio during his lifetime, he was given mainstream exposure in the U.K., appearing three times with the Wailers on the BBC’s iconic weekly music show,ย Top of the Pops. Their first appearance, performing โ€œExodus,โ€ was on June 9, 1977 during their Europeanย Exodus tour,ย and they returned a year later to play โ€œSatisfy My Soulโ€ fromย Kaya.ย Also in 1978,ย TOTPย aired a performance of โ€œJamminโ€™โ€ from theย Rainbow โ€™77ย concert tape.

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