Duppies and Vampires: A Haunted Reggae Top 10 For Halloween

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7. Lee “Scratch” Perry, โ€œKetch Vampireโ€
Lee Perry - Ketch Vampire

You can’t talk reggae and Halloween without bringing Lee Perry belongs into the discussionโ€” Scratch be the ultimate reggae Halloween costume. We’d tip our medallion-covered hat to anyone who could pull off something resembling his elaborate daily attire.

The Upsetter’s also got his share of tunes dealing with the undead, from 1970’s “Haunted House” to “Ghost Dance,” a 1967 track he cut for Prince Buster.. We’re not sure when “Ketch Vampire” was recorded, but we were put onto it via the appropriately titled 2002 Heartbeat Records release Baffling Smoke Signal.

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