Photo Series: New York’s Dancehall Record Spots

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos by Aymann Ismail—

Moodies Records Bronx

Like every other city, New York has seen most of its record stores close up shop in recent years. But, even as dancehall and reggae have seen some of the sharpest declines in sales, an overwhelming number of NYC’s remaining record shops are those specializing in Jamaican music. These include decades-old standbys Moodies Records in the Bronx and Keeling Reggae in Brooklyn, and more recent arrivals like Deadly Dragon and Miss Lily’s Variety. Something about the music’s deep roots and the sense of community between the shoppers and shopkeepers has helped them survive in an era where shops specializing in rock, jazz and rap largely have not.

The website Animal New York recently featured a photo series from photographer Aymann Ismail documenting just about every one of the city’s remaining reggae/dancehall-record shops. Check some of our favorites from the set below.

TIger's Reggae Hut

Keeling's Reggae Brooklyn


Millenium Records Bronx


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4 Responses

  1. Socialdread

    Amazing series. I have contacted the author to ask for a permission to use some of his pictures for an article at my blog. Going to include a link to this site as well 😉

  2. Junior Rodigan

    Moodies and Keeling are THIEVES …
    ask any producer who used to release Reggae on record or put out Dancehall videos in the 90s … They took your product on consignment and EITHER never paid you or gave you the run-around UNTIL you gave up or threatened them (which 99% of people didn’t do) …
    People can find 20,000 excuses for that … but … I had a record shop of my own as well as a label …. so , save the excuses for someone who DOESN’T KNOW the real deal ….
    Its SAD that NEW YORK Dancehall went from being what it was at the START of the 90s to virtually DISAPPEARING by the end of the decade …. the Record Shops and their crooked “consignment deals” have A LOT to do with that .
    Smh ……..
    Bless Up everyone


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