No Ice Cream Video: Watch Major Lazer’s “Jah No Partial” Featuring Johnny Osbourne

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Major Lazer Roots Picnic

When Major Lazer dropped “Jah No Partial” in October, featuring its sample of Johnny Osbourne‘s “Mr. Marshall,” we wondered how this would benefit one of our favorite artists of all time. Johnny has managed to stay current in more eras than almost any other reggae artist we can think of: Could he be headed for another reinvention in the dubstep era?

We’re glad to report that the just-released video for “Jah No Partial” begins, as it should, with a dubplate from Johnny, before launching into live footage from Major Lazer’s performances at various festivals over the last year, including Notting Hill Carnival. Amidst the flag waving, jumping and dancers wining, the video also gives us a close up look at the “hamster wheel” that Diplo and Walshy have been surfing crowds with this summer. Watch the clip below, and stay tuned for more on Johnny on LargeUp shortly.

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3 Responses

  1. YCBS

    F*#kery! If yuh nuh know already, run go check fi Johnny’s classics “Mr. Marshall”, “Jah Ovah”, “Ice Cream Love”, & di gorgon chune, “Back Off Ringcraft.”
    This is god-awful+ Diplo is a damn culture vulture. Big up Johnny Osbourne & real reggae music. Fiyah bun dubstep.
    Lazer, you suck too.
    You Can’t Be Serious

  2. Nico

    dope shit! I love seeing my beloved reggae artists staying interesting and vital. Dubstep has shown a lot of love to roots and dancehall artists and I can’t fault them for that


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