Video: Jimmy Fallon’s Barbershop Quartet Covers Inner Circle’s “Sweat”

Words by Jesse Serwer—

Last night, Jimmy Fallon decided to make good on a request from an audience member wondering why they’d never heard a hybrid of reggae music and barbershop quartets. Claiming to be a member of a reggae-loving quartet called the Ragtime Gals, Fallon produced a trio of Vaudevillians in red, gold and green blazers, donned one himself, and joined the group in a rendition of “Sweat (A La La La Long)” from our friends Inner Circle. The results were positively hilarious. Watch the clip here:

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2 Responses

  1. Shi

    dwl haha mawd!!!! this absolutely made my weekend…di red, green and gold jackets did mek it i-fficial…i wonder if dem do a rendition a ‘tenement yard”

  2. Winnie

    Love u jimmy. U have to be a really talented guy to give this rendition.loved it!!!


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