Toppa Top 10: Busta Rhymes’ Biggest Bashment Tunes

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Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo via UpNorthTrips

Here’s something you didn’t know about Busta Rhymes: back when he was a schoolkid, he used to impress his friends by telling them that he was the Trevor Sparks whose name they’d seen on Brooklyn dancehall flyers. While that of course wasn’t true (the real Trevor Sparks, of King Jammy’s fame, died of a stroke in 2004), the artist born Trevor Smith wanted to be a deejay before he set his sights on being a rapper, and, appropriately, he’s always shown love to dancehall.

The originator of a manic, gruff rhyme style that owed as much to late ’80s/early ’90s toasters like Shabba Ranks as to his hip-hop forebears, the Jamaican-American MC has also been hip-hop’s biggest patron of JA talent, supplying key co-signs and clutch crossover remixes to everyone from Sean Paul to Popcaan. With his long-awaited Vybz Kartel collaboration “Wine and Go Down” fresh out of the oven, here’s a look at ten more notable bashment tunes from the one called Bussa Buss.

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  • Honorable mention goes to the ‘Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See’ beat becoming an actual riddim… Tanya Stephens ‘Goggle’ was killing it over that beat…

  • splurt

    sound of the zeekers iller than spontaneous and also featured “collie weed pon di version” and i guess what a wicked ack with buju was more sr8 dancehall than bashment… list feel like it have tumuch “recent” shit on it

  • Jesse Serwer

    “Sound of the Zeekers” is ill but “Spontaneous” overall has more of a bashment vibe. “Wicked Act” is a huge oversight, should have been No. 1 or No. 2. When you hold down a whole website with daily content everyday, you forget stuff sometimes, I guess. The reason there is more recent stuff, though, is because Busta has been doing more dancehall material recently—or at least more of it is coming out, or making it to the Internet.

  • splurt

    and i guess you did say “notable” and not necessarily “the best”…duh yuh ting boss

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  • B

    #1 Should be the Ol’ Time Killin’ Remix, Kardinal & Busta!!