Toppa Top 10: Ten Essential Super Cat Tunes

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Words by Jesse Serwer, DJ Gravy, Sherman Escoffery and Micro Don—

It’s been 20 years since Super Cat’s Don Dada album and street classics like “Ghetto Red Hot” made him most every hip-hop head’s favorite dancehall deejay, and one more decade on top of that since the deejay also known as Wild Apache first made his mark in Jamaica. Mr. Cat has grown increasingly reclusive in recent years, having made just a handful of songs and performances in the last decade, so we were super amped to hear his voice all over Nas’ brand new banger “The Don,” even if it was just a sample (well, actually two). With “The Don” earning praise and capturing the attention of listeners who were barely out of diapers the last time Super Cat had a song on the radio (and by that we mean his cameo on Sugar Ray’s “Fly“—now 14 years old!) the timing couldn’t be better to break down the most essential tunes from one of dancehall’s greatest and most mysterious artists.

  • Nice and well put together selection

  • No ‘Mud Up’?
    No ‘Sandokhan’?

  • justsherman

    Looks like you guys have to go run a part 2, cause Mud Up, Cabin Stabbing, and a whole heap a chunes missing.

  • Red Cat FuryBass

    a true. Whole heap a tune missing. The answer to Early B one wheel wheelie is “ride and shut off” pon the same riddim, isn’t it?

  • Milo

    Sorry, LargeUp, that list nuh mek it. Decide: are you a reggae/dancehall site or a hip-hop site? You could call that list “top 10 Cat tunes that influenced hip-hop”, but that is a sorry top-10 list for Cat. All your logic for including those tunes (“this one was remixed by a big hip-hop producer”… “this one had biggie on it”… “this one was quoted by some mediocre rapper”… “this one influenced hip-hop culture”) shows me that this is some kinda crossover super cat list. It flop. (the tunes don’t flop. the list flop). Even though you have some big tunes on the list (don dada, boops, nuf man a dead), i could make a top-10 list of tunes you LEFT OFF that would flop your list. Here goes:
    1. Mud up
    2. Cabin Stabin
    3. (Watch out mek mi) Come Down
    4. Under Pressure
    5. Cry fi di youth
    6. Trash & ready
    7. Sweets for my Sweets
    8. How you pretty so?
    9. My prerogative
    10. Dem Nuh Care
    In fact I could go 10 more as well, but I won’t waste your space. Wheel an come again, LargeUp. This list nuh ready yet.

  • Jesse Serwer

    These lists are for entertainment purposes only, and are meant to inspire debate. If you don’t like what’s on them, go ahead and create your own list. Creating a list of essential Super Cat songs without his crossover tunes would do a great disservice to Super Cat’s artistry and reach. He achieved his greatest commercial success and fame by bringing hardcore badman lyrics to the mainstream, and he influenced a whole culture beyond Jamaica in ways few dancehall artists have. Rappers quoting his lyrics are not in any instance THE logic for their inclusion on this list—those details simply illustrate how Super Cat’s influence goes beyond dancehall.

  • rastakwame

    can somebody tell me if this tune nuh mek a Wild Apache top 10 – , ’nuff ‘Don’ Dead’ not to be confused with nuf ‘man’ a dead. this is one of the greatest SuperCat hardcore tracks, straight pounding on the mic from start to finish! (and you done know its all about ‘sweets for my sweets’ – , a tune which really smashed it in wider audience terms after the impact of say ‘Boops’ . Cant lie, the list is kinda emotional in parts still lol, if the idea was to engage debate then you got it! hol’ on lemme go inna one hardrive one minute….

  • yo. done been in one hardrive and pree’d the ting. Cat has nuff influential tunes that impacted the wider culture as opposed to US hip hop culture of that 90’s kinda period. if you wanna check some nex levels the man did check these too (good to see these type of deeper tunes on youtube also) in no particular order.
    tell me what you fighting for –
    sandokan –
    abc –
    experience lover – ** wikid toon fi me!
    mud up – ** this is the biggest Super Cat for me, well set da ting when this one came out…
    chalice a lick –
    come down – **old sound tapes will testify that dis one was straight forwards from jus the intro from then til now….defo top 10 classic Cat lyric.

  • ps. nice one for sendin me down that Super Cat lane, your list tun up still from a nowadays party point of view, spot on really, its been a great reminisce b4 i hit da club, gonna be excess amount of deep tune in da set tonite lol!

  • oh gawsh dis one’s fully on da main skanks as well!
    nuff deejay’s jacked the style after this –
    super cat – reality –


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