Toppa Top 10: Barrington Levy’s Biggest Tunes

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Words by Jesse Serwer and Eddie STATS Houghton—


Trouble-double, doooeeeeuuble…sweeng. Shuddally wop, shuddally whoop, whoah-oh-oh…Oooweoo, oooweoo, oowoeeoo-ooweoo, shuddally waddly diddly diddly, whoah-oh, sweeng. Always wanted to see what that looked like in print. This past Saturday marked the 47th birthday of reggae music’s greatest vocal acrobat and the first voice of dancehall, Barrington Levy. We know you already have three different Barrington greatest hits collections in your crates and/or iTunes, but, after running through the catalog of dancehall’s other generation-bridging golden voice Beres Hammond last week, we just had to honor the man by breaking down the 10 most official, unmistakable Barrington anthems. Zeen?

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  • JustSherman

    How can you do A Barry Levey top 10 and not include 21 Girls Salute? That song tops money move any day. Great birthday tribute regardless, Just gwan Large Up oonuself.

  • Eddie Houghton

    Ah Sherman! i knew it was a matter of time before you took the bait–LargeUp has officially arrived!

    Now then, how can you testify credibly re: the tunes to be included in a Barry Levey (sic) Top 10 when you can’t even spell the man’s name??

  • JustSherman

    Hahaah, u got me boss but you guys don’t allow editing but 9 outa ten is still a great pass.

  • JustSherman

    Can proudly say that I have used 2 out of the 10 picks (She’s Mine & Dangerously)on compilations that I have done in the past

  • Theseus.

    Don’t run away would ve been in mine as well as prison oval rock but hey – you can only fit 10 tunes in a top 10 right?