Bare Puppetry: Roger Alexis’ Trini Soap Pupperas Gone Viral

Words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Whether it takes the form of Vybz Kartel virtual piano-duels or Slap-Chop face-offs, it seems YouTube is where Caribbean diasporic culture lives these days. The latest craze that’s caught our attention is the wave of Trini puppet soap operas and soliloquies that have popped up online. In case you haven’t seen them, these are no 30-second sock-puppet one-offs. These are full-scale muppet epics with recurring characters (Whitney and Santana, for two), original soca soundtracks, daggering interludes, scandalous preachers and steamy puppet-sex scenes. We could, of course, throw a bunch of info at you about Roger Alexis, the evil genius who is behind most of these short films and the astronomical number of views they’ve garnered. But perhaps this is one facet of Caribbean culture better absorbed without any context–unless by ‘context’ you mean “weed.” Watch after the jump.

The Fete

Whitney Vs Santana

Passa Passa Stupidity

Narine Hits on Santana’s Woman

Santana Smells Salt Fish

Pastor Stewart