Double Download: Nikki Minaj x Cam’Ron x Foxy Brown x Gyptian

words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Right after new rap sensation Nikki Minaj jumped on the Gyptian’s “Hol’ Yuh”–fast shaping up to be the Brooklyn anthem for summer 2010–old rap sensation Cam’Ron jumped on this classic 45 by Foxy Brown (not Pam Grier, I mean the Jamaican singer who made dancehall covers of Tracey Chapman songs)–the Brooklyn anthem for summer 1993 til infinity. Ironically Nikki’s verse sounds exactly like Ill NaNa Foxy Brown and she looks like a shorty version of blaxploitation Foxy Brown. Anyway Killa Cam kinda, well, kills it and the bottom line is, whether you’re a young artist looking for the crossover joint or a vet trying to re-energize your sparkle in the streets, a tuff riddim section a dweet.

Download Cam’Ron x Foxy Brown, “Sorry” here.

Download Gyptian f. Nikki Minaj, “Hol’ Yuh” here.

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2 Responses

  1. yomomma

    im not a minaj fan, granted. she makes me appreciate foxy brown more, who clearly has the best faux yardie flow.

    why trini girls rap and try and sound yardie, its always baffled me.

    • Eddie Houghton

      aww you never rate Lauryn Hill’s faux yardie flow? she knows all the tricks from bricks to kingston–and she’s only Caribbean by marriage!


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