Water Pumping: New Sanchez!

words by Eddie STATS Houghton


Touching off in style, a new Sanchez version on the classic Johnny Osbourne vehicle called Water Pumping. Funny,Β  we were just sitting around the Largeup HQ, arguing about which Sanchez banger to include on the forthcoming Toppa Top 10 dedicated to best reggae covers of non-reggae classics (look for it soon!) when this came across our inbox like a big fat forward from the universe itself. Sounds like one of Sanchez’s trademark dancehall covers of lite FM brilliance but damned if I could find any lyrics matching these online so maybe it’s a true original. If you recognize it, put us up in the comments section. Either way, a tune like this deserves to be pressed on 45 and heralded by an actual, factual lighter with fluid in it, not an iPhone app. Selection!

Download it here.

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